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Bathroom Remodeling

What Factors Affect the Cost of Bathroom Remodeling?

The bathroom may be one of the smallest spaces in your home, but this small space can date your home if the bathroom is old and worn. If your bathroom is not functional or is dating the rest of your home, bathroom remodeling may be needed to improve its look and increase its functionality. When you need a bathroom remodel near me, you may be wondering what the space will cost to remodel. A kitchen and bath remodeling company can provide you with a quote to give you an idea as to how much your space will cost to renovate. Here are a few of the factors that can affect the price you are quoted for remodeling.


If There is Structural Damage or Mold In the Bathroom


One of the elements that can affect the price that you are quoted for bathroom remodeling is whether there is structural damage or mold in the bathroom. If you know that you have had a leak in the bathroom, you should expect that there will be damage exposed once floors are ripped out or fixtures are removed. Structural damage and/or mold can both increase the remodeling costs associated with your bathroom remodel.


If You Are Changing the Layout or Footprint of the Bathroom


Another factor that can affect the price you are quoted for a bathroom remodel near me is whether you are changing the layout or footprint of the bathroom. If you are moving the position of the toilet or shower, your plumbing and drain lines may need to be moved. This work needs to be done by a plumber and may need to be permitted and inspected by the city. Changing the layout or footprint of the bathroom can increase the costs of your bathroom remodel.


The Materials You Want to Use In the Bathroom


Finally, any time you are looking at costs associated with kitchen and bath remodeling, you need to take a look at what types of materials you want to use in that space. The materials you want to use have a huge affect on the price. If you want marble but are on a limited budget, you may need to be more realistic. Consider your budget and what types of materials you prefer.


When you are looking for bathroom remodeling, turn to us here at Innovo Builders. We offer both kitchen and bath remodeling. Whether you are looking to simply update the look of your bathroom and make it more modern looking, or you are looking to gut your bathroom and start for fresh, we can help you with the type of bathroom remodel near me you need. Call us today and let's schedule a meeting for a free price quote.

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