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Kitchen Remodeling

What Factors Affect the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling?

Kitchen remodeling can consist of everything from new kitchen cabinet installation to new countertop installation to completely gutting out a kitchen and replacing everything. When you are looking to complete a kitchen remodel near me, you may be wondering how much a kitchen remodel costs. Kitchen remodels can range dramatically in price, ranging from a few thousand dollars all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars. Here are some of the factors that may affect the cost of kitchen remodeling in your home.


What Type of Work You Are Looking to Have Completed in Your Kitchen


One of the factors that can affect the price that you are quoted for kitchen remodeling is what type of work you want to have completed in your kitchen. Minor kitchen remodels may involve staining or repainting your existing cabinets and changing the countertops. In other cases, you may be looking to replace your cabinets and have kitchen cabinet installation completed. In other cases, you may want to remove everything in the space and start fresh. What you plan on removing and reusing affects your price for the project.


If You Are Looking to Expand the Kitchen, Blow Out Walls or Change the Layout


Another factor that can affect the price you are quoted for kitchen remodeling is whether you are looking to expand the kitchen, remove any walls or change the layout. Expanding the kitchen, removing walls or changing the layout all increase the price of the project. More demo work is needed and professionals, such as plumbers and electricians, may need to come in to change the wiring and the plumbing set-up to accommodate your new layout.


The Types of Materials and Fixtures You Want to Use In Your Kitchen


The final factor that can affect how much a kitchen remodel near me may cost is what types of materials and fixtures you want to use in your kitchen. Materials and fixtures that are used in a kitchen can range in price. Some flooring may cost as little as $1.00 per square foot, while others can cost upwards of $20.00 per square foot. The items you select for your space have a huge affect on the ultimate price for your new kitchen.


Whether you are looking to have something such as kitchen cabinet installation completed or you are looking for a full blown kitchen remodel near me, Innovo Builders can assist you. Kitchen remodeling is one of the many home improvement and renovation tasks that we offer. The price for kitchen remodeling can vary based on what you are looking to have completed in your kitchen. Call us now to schedule a consultation to see your kitchen, discuss your needs and provide you with an estimate.

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